Stories of Lives Changed!

Joao Victor

“The church in Brazil needs to think big, understand the worldwide mission that God has given us.” That is Joao Victor’s dream for the future of the church plant in Boa Vista, Brazil. Joao (25) is part of a six person, Brazilian national team who will spend the next two years preparing for the missionary field while living in Campo Grande. The target date for the team to arrive in Boa Vista is January 2021. Bryan Gibbs, GCM Director of Church Development, recently sat down with Joao to talk to him about his dreams for Boa Vista.


Joao, raised in a Christian home Bauru, Brazil and baptized when he as 17 years old, realized as a young man that to be a truly effective leader he would need additional training. He decided that SerCris Christian Training School in Campo Grande was the best place to prepare himself for future ministry. After completing his studies in Theology at SerCris, he decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and has recently completed that goal as well.

Bryan asked Joao why he wanted to serve as a missionary. He said he saw a need for additional church plants in Brazil. He realized he would rather plant a church and help it grow to be healthy than wait for God to place him in the “perfect church”. When asked why the team decided to partner with Great Cities Missions, Joao talked about the first hand knowledge and experience that GCM offers new teams. “We didn’t see any group in Brazil that was offering the help you offer. We need to learn what you have to teach us. You have helped us discover our gifts, facilitated the development of deeper relationships among team members, taught us about conflict resolutions and helped us understand that mission work is complex and challenging. In a word, you helped us see our mission in a realistic light.”

“When I look at churches throughout Brazil – Niteroi, Campo Grande, Brasilia, Curitiba, and many other places, I can only be grateful for the work you have done in my country. Great Cities is greatly appreciated by Christians throughout Brazil. Without your help our team would not exist. Thank you!”

GCM is thankful to have a team of dedicated specialists in the field of missionary church planters who will pour into future missionaries willing to share Jesus in Latin America. Specialists like Becky Holton, a licensed therapist and GCM Director of Missionary Care, Scott Reynolds, former Brazilian missionary and GCM Associate Director, and Bryan Gibbs, also a former missionary to Brazil and GCM Director of Church Development.

When you donate to Great Cities Missions, you are supporting people like Becky, Scott, and Bryan who are the heart of our ministry. You are supporting new church planting teams like the Boa Vista Team. And you are supporting future missionaries like Joao. Check back often for updates about this team’s exciting journey.

Frey and Ingrid

The first time I visited our newest church plant in Cúcuta, Colombia, I met a couple named Frey and Ingrid. Frey and Ingrid are both professionals and had been living in Cúcuta for about 6 months. They discovered the church while walking by one day when members of the Cúcuta mission team were handing out food on the street. That started a relationship with the missionaries that eventually led to their baptisms and new lives in Christ.


Fred and Ingrid both lost their jobs as the economy in Venezuela began to deteriorate. Their biggest struggle after losing their jobs was finding enough food to eat. They said they would wait in line for hours and be told that there was no food left to purchase.  Other times they would be in line and people would approach them with weapons and force them to give them their place in line. The final straw was the day they didn’t have any food left in the house and Frey decided to go to the food court at the mall to find some. He did not have any money so he would wait to see if people had any leftover food on their plates that they didn’t throw away.  

Finally a person left a portion of their soup on the table and Frey was able to take that home to his wife. He told me that they ate a little bit of the soup each day and made it last for 3 days. Our group from the US heard their heartbreaking story and were brought to tears thinking about the abundance of food that we would have upon our return home.

Earlier this year, I returned to Cúcuta where I encountered Frey and Ingrid again. This time I was able to serve with them as we prepared the church for their 1st anniversary service. We painted the building together, prepared bags of food and medicine for the Venezuelan relief aid effort, the next morning Frey and I both participated in the worship service, and Ingrid helped teach the children. Both of them looked healthy and happy and found different ways to share God’s blessings they had received not too long before.  

At Great Cities, our mission is to Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the Latin World. Frey and Ingrid’s story is just one example of why we do it. When people experience the love of God, their lives are transformed, their communities are transformed and their cities are transformed. We cannot do it without your help. We need your prayers. We need your support. And we need your financial gifts. Please make a year-end donation to Great Cities this year. You are making an eternal difference.

by Kelley Grant, Executive Director