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Some Great Cities News in a Minute

God could have done it all himself, but He entrusted to His followers the work of caring for humanity. He could have put churches on every corner, built homeless shelters everywhere they were needed, started whatever ministry was necessary wherever it was needed, but He left it to us. Why don’t we follow the same model? We want to take care of everything and do it all ourselves.


There is power in extending that opportunity to someone else. There is power in teaching someone to be the hands and feet of God and to care for humanity 

At Great Cities Missions, we help mission teams share Jesus by planting churches.

Our strategy is for the missionaries to work themselves out of a job, leaving behind a completely self-sufficient, thriving church that is making a difference in the community. We train individuals to develop leaders who will carry on, and we help disciples make disciples who are teaching others to make disciples. We need your help to train those leaders and put the hope of the world in good hands.




SGCN Featured Recipe

Moqueca Baiana de Camarão

Serves 4

This Brazilian stew can be made with white fish, shrimp or a mixture of seafood – the key ingredients to achieve the traditional flavor are the coconut milk and dendê oil.